Oiva Isännöinti Takes Customer Service to the Next Level with Salesforce and Moontalk

Oiva Isännöinti enhances its service centers operations and improves the customer service experience with the Salesforce CRM and Moontalk’s mobile phone solution. Through Moontalk’s unique solution, the mobile phones with Moontalk SIMs inside used by Oiva Isännöinti’s property secretaries are integrated seamlessly with the Salesforce CRM system, enabling the utilization of customer data in the their every customer contact.

“Our customers’ high satisfaction with the service they receive in every interaction, as well as the smoothness and efficiency of all our service processes, guide the comprehensive development of our all operations. We chose Salesforce and Moontalk as our partners after proofing the user-friendliness of their modern solutions and their best suitability for our needs. Additionally, our collaboration is driven by the expertise, innovation, and leadership they bring,” says Petri Uomala, Customer Experience Director at Oiva Isännöinti.

“We are delighted that Oiva Isännöinti chose Salesforce as their future CRM management system. Our customers’ needs and requirements are always unique, and Salesforce CRM solutions, along with our partners, enable everything the customer needs,” says Mikko Tihinen, Named Account Executive at Salesforce.

“It’s fantastic that we can help Oiva Isännöinti improve their services and deliver more value to their customers. Moontalk’s solution, released on the Salesforce AppExchange, seamlessly integrates the company’s employees’ mobile phone made customer calls into the Salesforce CRM system,” says Joni Soukola, responsible for Enterprise Sales and Partnerships at Moontalk.”

For more information:
Oiva Isännöinti, Petri Uomala, Asiakaskokemusjohtaja, 0400 316 061, petri.uomala@oi.fi
Salesforce, Mikko Tihinen, Asiakasvastaava, 040 8272 472, mtihinen@salesforce.com
Moontalk, Jussi Patopuro, CEO, +358404555060, jussi@moontalk.com

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