Moontalk has released a unique mobile connectivity service for Salesforce

Moontalk has launched its service on the Salesforce AppExchange, seamlessly integrating the employees’ mobile phones into the company’s Salesforce CRM.

For the first time with Moontalk’s Salesforce service, mobile calls made with Moontalk SIMs inside are automatically logged as call events in Salesforce customer records. This allows for more accurate and reliable collection of call data with customers. Additionally all essential customer information is automatically displayed in the employee’s Salesforce view when customer calls or is called.

“We are extremely satisfied with Moontalk service. Mobile phones are essential tools for us to handle customer calls. Now sales calls with our customers are automatically logged into Salesforce. Furthermore in our customer service, we have significantly improved the quality and speed of call handling, as customer data opens automatically instead of us manually searching for it in Salesforce Service Cloud. We also utilize the real-time call reporting generated by Moontalk service for our work management and resource planning in a completely new way,” says Aki Hepokorpi, Salesforce Specialist at Medialuotsi.

“It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Medialuotsi, one of our first Salesforce service users, who has also helped us in its development. Together we have been able to improve Medialuotsi’s customer service experience and facilitate employee work by automating important but routine, time-consuming and error-prone tasks. Innovating our customers’ business processes from this perspective, the cost savings and improved work productivity for our customers come as natural side effects. Our goal is to continue to be the most innovative and fastest-growing player in the corporate communication market. With Moontalk Salesforce service we see the potential for a very significant growth. The target customers include all companies that utilize Salesforce and use mobile phones,” says Joni Soukola, responsible for Moontalk’s enterprise sales and partnerships.

Moontalk, official Salesforce Partner, provides companies with the best tools for easy and clear customer service and sales work. Moontalk solves challenges related to customer calls and enhances company operations by automating and speeding up various work processes. With the market’s most user-friendly services and flexible connectivity solutions between customers’ IT systems, Moontalk provides its customers with Finland’s most intelligent and best accessibility service.

For more information:
Moontalk, Jussi Patopuro, CEO, +358404555060,
Medialuotsi, Aki Hepokorpi, Salesforce Specialist, +358451390561,

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